Friday, August 24, 2007

Notes from the July 18th IT meeting

Tom Durkin:
These applications/tools might be useful for students who need to take notes when working on papers or projects. I am planning on seeing if I can somehow incorporate one of these into my instruction sessions for RefWorks, Alerts, or the journal literature databases sessions. I will probably use Google Notebook, or perhaps EverNote.

1) Google Notebook -
2) (i)NdxCards - a desktop product -
3) Manny's Simple Note Cards (another, somewhat quirky, desktop product) -

Jim Jonas:
These web apps might be helpful for posting and editing shared web content, in a working group of perhaps or for managing site content.

4) Google Page Creator: - It has the ease of sharing that comes with a wiki, but is even easier to setup and maintain.

5) Link Rolls function in - This function will create a small bit of javascript that users can embed in their own web pages. The link rolls function is located on the "settings" page.

6) There is another nice bit of note-taking software worth mentioning - it's called EverNote: addition to regular notes, it lets users clip bits of information from webpages and keep them in their notes.

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