Friday, January 25, 2008

LILI IT Interest Group 1/24/08 - Notes

Pamela showed us the New College Library Website <>. New stuff includes:
* Daily Polls
* Got rid of underlines for hyperlinks
* increased coverage of events (e.g. Finals Week 2007)
* Displays feed from "What's new in Madcat" - it is broken down by topic
* Links to social networing tools (Flickr, Facebook,
* Rotating research guides
* Experimenting with the FCKEditor <> which allows staff to edit pages without going into Dreamweaver)

Bob showed us his favorite spot for free online videos:

In keeping with Bob's online media theme, Jim pointed out that currently is in private beta - if you go to the site you can sign up to be a "tester" for free - I have no idea how long this will last.

Jim demonstrated - it is a place to find/create your own social networks built around a specific subject (e.g. Classroom 2.0 <>)

Miro <> - is a free open source media player/video collector - provides access to a growing amount of high quality independent video content - Think of it as a video version of Bloglines

Karen showed us John Larsen's blog - it talks about a lot of the same stuff we do in this group -

We are invitated to next LILI forum - 12/6

Bob: - features a new low-priced gadget every day - prices are always good.

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