Friday, April 25, 2008

LILI IT Interest Group Meeting – April 24, 2008

Emily Wixson and SLIS student Lexy Spry demonstrated the video they created for YouTube to teach search techniques to high school students.

  • They used iMovie, the built in microphone in a laptop, and a digital video-camera checked out from the College CMC to build the video.
  • They found that the training offered at the CIMC in how to use iMovie was very good, and in particular Matt Jabaily was very helpful with choosing the correct frame rate and keyframe rate.
  • Emily and Lexy created a pre/post test which may or may not be used depending on further experimentation.
  • Suggestions from Mark Beatty: record audio as mono, and a low audio sampling rate to further reduce file size. The keyframe rate can be set manually and should be selected at the beginning of stretches of video where the image changes little for number of frames.
  • Emily, Lexy, and Mark all found that the older version of iMovie works better than the newest version.

Group discussion of Carl Berger’s presentations

  • (choose “Wisconsin, The Millennial Instructor”)
  • Carl Berger presented a great deal of very interesting data, in particular information about the tech-learning preferences of “digital native students” and students in general, in comparison to faculty/”digital faculty.”
  • Mr. Berger posits the existence of “millennial faculty” who combine features of “digital faculty” and “digital native students.”
  • Our discussion was very interesting but too much to record...! see Carl Berger’s slides for more information.

Bob Sessions noted that he has been investigating Wink

Mark mentioned that Photo Express is a good free photo editor

Tom briefly demoed Google SketchUp

  • This can be used to create realistic-looking 3D models of practically anything; though learning how to use it is not very easy.

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