Friday, May 4, 2012

New IT Interest Group Meeting Notes – April 26, 2012

For this month's meeting, we explored two video-casting tools:

1) Jim, Ian, and Tom experimented with this web tool before and during the meeting, and it works pretty well. You can create an account for free, but there are some advanced functions that you will have to pay for, including removing advertizements and increasing storage space. Ustream allows some handy free customizations, including the ability to record your sessions and have them play on your channel when your channel is not broadcasting live. Once you have created an account, simply click on the "Broadcast Now" link listed under your account menu. After giving the site access to your camera and mic, you click "Start Broadcast."

2) Jim discovered and demoed this tool. It allows you to creat a free account, but there is no free recording/storage for videos. It is strictly a live broadcast. However, it does offer the very helpful option to broadcast multiple cameras from within a single broadcast instance (and on a single browser screen), including cameras from people who have joined the video-cast, but are not members of the site.

Those two tools used up the entire hour, and were all we had time for! If you know of other video casting tools, let us know too!

See you next time!

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